3 Reasons Why You Need Instagram Story Highlights Icons

In a world where technology is constantly changing and evolving into a BIGGER Goliath,  we must become David and be skilled in taming it along the ride. For those who didn’t follow that analogy, I was basically telling you to control technology before it controls you.  
In the post below, you will find out 3 Reasons Why You Need Instagram Story Icons. Take heed of this valuable information and become an InstaSTAR!!! 

1) Highlights your Driven Goals

 ● With having so much content displayed on our Instagram, we tend to lose people because they aren’t sure where to begin. Well the highlights on your Instagram page allows them to see EXACTLY what you want them to notice in the first 5 seconds.   
       ○ Do you like Motivating or Inspiring people? Have an Icon at the top with all  of your favorite quotes.  
       ○ Are you a restaurant and need them to review the menu with ease?  
       ○ Travel the world so much that you want to share it with your viewers?

2) Additional Marketing

● Instagram Story Icons can help you market your business in a whole new light. By taking advantage of the “Highlights”, you can market sales, menus, events,  locations, and booking all through the Instagram Story Icons. This little tool allows you to utilize a free marketing tactic straight from your own page!  
     ○ You can use this to promote blog post, products, courses, or anything else  your site.  
     ○ Share behind-the-scenes or personal stories to humanize the brand.  
     ○ Set up a highlight for a specific event or occasion.  

3) Spotlight on Strategic Content  

● Instagram’s highlights feature allows you to combine multiple Instagram stories  into long-term content to your audience. Such a genius way for you to be  strategic on your story telling to gain more value from your stories and  re-purposing the content. 
    ○ Now your stories can live on because they are archived on your profile by  default.  
    ○ You have the option to use the same content in multiple highlights if it fits  more than one category.  
    ○ If you want to upload tutorials or tips, remember to upload them in reverse  order. 

Conclusion - There are many creative ways to incorporate the Instagram Story Icons  into your marketing plans. Think of it as valuable real estate on your Instagram profile to build up your brand, develop trust with your following, and drive traffic to your website. :)

The Millenial Boss