Stop Sleeping On Twitter!

The qualities that make Twitter seem inane and half-baked are what makes it so powerful." - Jonathan Zittrain

Let's face it... we live in an age where social media rules. I mean even my eighty something year old aunt has a Facebook. However, multiple social media accounts can become time consuming, especially when you add in work, school, life... So it's pretty to see why many people have abandoned Twitter with the onset of new social media networks such as Instagram and Snapchat. Even I abandoned Twitter. It seemed fun in high school with constantly posting tweets but it got old QUICK and I felt lame tweeting my opinions. Well, let's just say I've come to realize Twitter is BAE especially for professionals. Here's why:

  • You Can Track Trends - That's right! Twitter is a GREAT resource for tracking online trends. If something is going viral, it will most likely be shared on Twitter.
  • Find Out The Latest News - Twitter has definitely become a platform for breaking news. Nowadays people go to Twitter to "tweet" about a developing news story or as a source of news. Many journalists and reporters also tweet as stories are developing so you may very well hear it from Twitter before it even gets to the tv.
  • Connect With Your Favorite Brand - Want to get in touch with a brand or get their attention? Need a company contact? Many brand reps have Twitter accounts so you can easily find a rep and send a tweet or make a hashtag to get their attention. Since it's open source, a lot of times you will get a response quicker than via email.
  • Great Reach of Conversation - Posts on Twitter are public so you can see what other users are talking about and join in on the conversation. You can make unique connections, network, and reach your target audience...all from your phone or laptop. 

These are just some of the reasons why Twitter is BAE. Do you have a Twitter? Why or why not? Let us know!